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Aroma's Therapies - "Take two and call again tomorrow"
Contemplative - Teas & Chai

Chai & Tea (Hot or Cold)
Exhilarating - Aromas specialty espresso based drinks (sweet & flavorful)

These traditional espresso based drinks can also be served decaffeinated or half decaf. Hot or Cold
Invigorating - Cold and refreshing treats

Frozen, Iced and Cold Drinks
Sensual - Fresh roasted coffees of the day

Gourmet & Flavored Coffees
Our fine selection of world class origin and flavored coffees are roasted in house and brewed fresh daily for your enjoyment. We rotate these offerings to enable you to experience the richness of Arabica beans and the incredible aromas they generate.
Stimulating - Espresso based favorites

Specialty espresso based drinks. These favorites include espresso paired with a variety of Torani Syrups to create a memorable taste treat.
Tranquil - non coffee hot beverages

Hot Non - Coffee Drinks

Williamsburg location: Served until 12:00 Noon Daily
Newport News location: Served until 12:00 Noon Mon-Sat, Served All Day Sunday
Breakfast Sandwiches

Served until 12:00 Noon Daily, Sunday All Day
Breakfast Specialties

Served until 12:00 Noon Daily, Sunday All Day
Eggs & Omeletes

Served until 12:00 Noon Daily, Sunday All Day

(Available 5pm-10pm in Williamsburg) (Available 5pm-8pm in Newport News) Our dinner is simple and refined at the same time and is great value for the great price. Daily Dinner Specials keep our chefs challenged and bring our customers a new and diverse meal every night. Add to your dinner entree a glass of wine or beer and you will treat yourself to a pleasant dining experience to round out your day
Kids Menu

Aromas is a family friendly cafe and children are important to us as customers. That is why we have a Kids Menu that our junior visitors can enjoy. From Mac-N-Cheese and Nachos to sandwiches and peanut butter & jelly, everything is made with extraordinary care and precision to please your gourmet children.
Salads & Soups

(10:30 am til Close!) whether it is morning, lunchtime or evening our sandwiches are a great nutritional choice, served from 10:30am til close. We served a large variety from the classic BLT to our signature Aromas Club Sandwich. We have a number of vegetarian sandwiches too including famous Portobello Burger and Mediterranean Melt.
Specialty Wraps

Specialty Wraps are some of our most popular entrees and represent an excellent choice during any time of the day. Whether you want a spicy option like the Southwest Chicken Wrap or a vegetarian option like the Thai Veggie Wrap you will no be disappointed

Take a look at our tempting selection of gourmet treats from which to choose in our pastry cases. We bake fantastic cookies, cakes, cheesecakes, pies and pastries including our signature Colossal Apple Pie
Fondues & Snacks

Available after 5PM