Breakfast Menu

Start your day or meeting with
“Breakfast From Aromas”

Breakfast Pastry Assortment
Fresh-baked assorted mini-scones, mini muffins and granola bars (peanut butter, cranberry, banana nut)
$24.95 serves 5 guests (15 pieces total) 

Hearty Bagel Tray
Assortment of bagels - your choice of plain, cinnamon raisin, Asiago, wheat or everything with cream cheese, butter and jelly
$19.99 serves 5 people

Aromas Signature Grits
Our signature hearty grits with cheddar-jack cheese
($4.99 per person, min 5)
(Assorted mix-ins: bacon bits, cheese, country ham, scallions, butter, & sugar for additional $1.50)

Breakfast Wraps
Breakfast burritos with scrambled eggs & cheddar-jack cheese with your choice of bacon, ham, breakfast sausage or chorizo sausage on a flour tortilla (egg white option)
($7.99 per person)

Breakfast Quiche ($9.99 per person)
*Ham & Apple (Black Forest ham with Granny Smith apples)
+Garden Vegetable (julienne peppers, onions, portabella mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, fresh herbs)
+All American (bacon, cheddar cheese, diced scallions)

Oatmeal Breakfast

Perfect on a chilly day!  A selection of assorted individual Nature's Brand all natural oatmeal- just add hot water!
($4.99 per person)

Fresh Fruit Bowl
A healthy addition to any morning! Cantaloupe, honeydew, grapes, strawberries & other seasonal fruit.
($25.00 small bowl serves 5-8 guests, $50.00 large bowl serves 8-12 guests)

Granola-Yogurt Parfaits
Fresh yogurt with layers of strawberry and/or blueberry glaze with homemade granola
($6.99 per person) or mini parfaits 3.99 per person)

Fruit and Granola Tray
Our homemade granola with fresh strawberries and bananas
($4.25 per person) 

Large Muffins
Freshly made, assorted muffins
($3.25 per muffin)

Full Sized Scones
Freshly made by hand, assorted scones in a variety of flavors!
($2.99 per scone)

Coffee & Tea Service

Assorted Teas (Includes creamers & sugars)

Small tea box $22.99 serves 12 people (8 ounce cups)
Large tea box $27.99 serves 16 people (8 ounce cups)

Coffee (Aromas House Blend, Columbian Fancy Supremo, Magnus) 

Small Barista Box   $24.99 serves 12 people (8 ounce cups)

Large Barista Box   $29.99 serves 16 people (8 ounce cups)

$119.96 per Cambro (serves 64 people)

Juice Options $2.25 each 

Orange & Apple