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Aroma's Therapies - "Take two and call again tomorrow"
Contemplative - Teas & Chai

Chai & Tea (Hot or Cold)
Exhilarating - Aromas specialty espresso based drinks (sweet & flavorful)

These traditional espresso based drinks can also be served decaffeinated or half decaf. Hot or Cold
Invigorating - Cold and refreshing treats

Frozen, Iced and Cold Drinks
Sensual - Fresh roasted coffees of the day

Gourmet & Flavored Coffees
Our fine selection of world class origin and flavored coffees are roasted in house and brewed fresh daily for your enjoyment. We rotate these offerings to enable you to experience the richness of Arabica beans and the incredible aromas they generate.
Stimulating - Espresso based favorites

Specialty espresso based drinks. These favorites include espresso paired with a variety of Torani Syrups to create a memorable taste treat.
Tranquil - non coffee hot beverages

Hot Non - Coffee Drinks