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Aromas' Specialty Pies

Items baked with, in proximity of...(or by) NUTS!!!)

SIGNATURE APPLE PIE w/ two leaf design - $50.00** *(for pie with pictured multi-leaf design.....$75.00)

Espresso Torte $35.00

Pecan Pie - $35.00
Pumpkin Pie - $35.00 *Seasonal
Black Botton Key Lime (Oreo Crust) - $35.00
Peanut Butter Pie - $35.00
Cherry or Blueberry Pie - $35.00

**($20.00 deposit required for Deep Dish Pie Pan until returned or
buy the pan for $10.00, and receive a 10% discount on future pies when using yours!)


Traditional Pecan Pie

Hand made crust & whole pecans.


Espresso Torte

Rich and velvety dense chocolate torte made from Aromas espresso.


Peanut Butter Pie

Smooth and creamy peanut butter filling in a chocolaty crust drizzled with chocolate gnache. 


Colossal Signature Apple Pie

Huge apple pie, sure to make the hit at any event. Heat up to really have a crowd pleaser. Top it with Ice cream and you will be so happy!